Naked Roman Bathers and Giant Pocket Knives

I took this picture on a tour we did of baths in Bath. These lovely lithe men were part of a series of live and virtual installations that injected the old masonry with a bit of life.

A couple of month’s back, Formula-D commissioned me to research and write about a very strange word called “Gamification”. I hadn’t heard of it before and from the very first Google search I began to realise that although the word is weird, I’d been experiencing the concept my whole life. From voyager miles to the Roman baths in Bath, little bits of gamification are peppered everywhere.

I felt a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole. Or maybe Keanu with that little pill in The Matrix (though to be fair, one’s never really sure what Keanu is feeling as all his expressions tend to look the same).

Gamification is absolutely fascinating. I came across talks by Jane McGonigal – a game-obsessed genius with a swathe of gorgeous curls, and witty Jesse Schell who reasons that the iPad is really a giant pocket knife that doesn’t fit in a pocket and is doomed to failure. Great stuff.

Anyway, here’s a link to my article (entitled Gaming the real World) on Formula-D’s blog.