Born Again Bottles

Let me introduce you to Mr T-Rex. Not that he has anything at all to do with this post, except that he was snapped rather anachronistically in modern-day Nieu Bethesda, his gargantuan, plastic body dwarfing the camels, owls and visitors of The Owl House. And cheapening it all somewhat – though that is another conversation for another post.

The Owl House reminds me of glass. Glass reminds me of an article I wrote for Good Taste magazine (March 2010) that involved a good deal of internet trawling – a favourite hobby of mine. And, as always, a real gem cropped up: the glass bottle house of David H. Brown. Of course there are hundreds of bottle houses out there, but as far as I know this is the only one made out of embalming fluid bottles (500,000 the story goes). It is deliciously morbid.

With a quote from glass artist Lothar Bottcher, who said, “the alchemist’s symbol for glass denotes death and resurrection ad infinitum” my article, Born Again Bottles, pretty much wrote itself.