A Love Poem

From Woman Unfolding


Your body is my country.
In the familiar borders of your provinces
navigating roads across your contours
I know I am home.

Your shoulders are the Karoo.
Fine fynbos hairs break the surface
against my cheek, I inhale
dust and dry riverbeds.
Your ground is covered in spoor.
A lonely korhaan stokstil,
clicks and shrills,
splitting your stillness.

Your back is the Breede River.
I finger each vertebra
searching for your source.

I survey your horizon.
Two roads stretch out
spun with veins to guide me,
scars to signpost the way.

South, below your stomach,
so many paths
thick and forested.
I track your caves, your mountains
lose myself in the peaks,
Marble Baths of your skin.

Your skin is a night sky
I follow the stars to your face.