5 Reasons Continued…

2. You can get hijacked in Cape Town.

As the horrific experience of the Chandlers has demonstrated, you can get hijacked in the Sechelles too. You just need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Of course, some countries do have more wrong places than others. In Cape Town there are a lot of wrong places and wrong times. Gugulethu is a sprawling peri-urban ‘township’ – and the term township should be applied with caution here: this is not the British or Australian version of township denoting “small town or village” as described in the Oxford Dictionary.

Gugulethu is an organically expanding urban area with a complicated road network and a population that is largely trapped in a consuming cycle of poverty. Crime persists here, as it does in similar areas across the world.

But so does hope, and goodwill. And common sense should prevail.

At 11pm, the corner of NY112 and NY108 in Gugulethu, where the hijacking allegedly took place, is an example of the wrong place and the wrong time. But during the day, led by a knowledgeable guide, this corner becomes a gateway to a thriving and inspirational tourism micro-economy.

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[Note to reader: This piece is the second part of a story chain entitled: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit Cape Town (and Fivefold More Why You Should).]